Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Ship em' out

I didn't realize how much packing of goods is involved in this business. I am for ever wrapping, addressing and posting. I sometimes feel there is as much bubble wrap in my life as there is lino.
And how exciting when I find a huge heap being thrown out. Bubble wrap is a must recycle product for me, can't bear having to buy it.So today this girl is heading off to USA , the cuckoo clock is finding a home via Georgie Love and yesterday a Sunny cloud like this one went to Sunshine, Victoria. What a suitable destination. It was ordered by a lovely girl who used to work for Nylex , so she had a thing about lino!
Another Betty Jo Cuckoo clock has popped up on this brand new blog by my friend Bettina. It's the Pussy Cat Black blog and I'm sure it will be full of juicy tit bits and lovely products available at the very gorgeous Pussy Cat Black shop in Brunswick.


  1. The sunny cloud is so sweet! I always try to re-use bubble wrap too and I sometimes see it being given away on freecycle.

  2. oh don't they look great...
    went to the link for pussy cat black but was unable to leave a comment?
    love the poem she has...


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