Thursday, January 1, 2009


I'm going to use an adjective I hardly ever mention to describe my last week....PLEASANT (meaning pleasing, agreeable, or affording enjoyment....)
Our Christmas day was pleasant. A picnic lunch at Yarra Bend Parklands, as my Mum had decreed there will be no stuffy roast dinners at her place ever again.
Our little holiday at Rye was pleasant. A bit of swimming, a good bit of op shopping, finding some lovely "Nana doilies", buttons and knitting needles to refashion. Also scored these handy vintage suitcases, (I'm thinking display) and a pair of very cool roller skates for Lily ( in the funky red bag) . We also had a Sunday drive up to Red Hill to deliver more Betty Jo goodies to the very gorgeous shop "Red Hill House".....really pleasant!
Now it's the beginning of a New Year, I'm liking that things are cranking up slowly. Melbourne seems a bit of a ghost town at the moment, but then every family and their obligatory Labrador seem to migrate down to the Mornington Peninsular this time of year (or Lorne or Cowes or Torquay ...)
So I'm back contemplating stuff on the agenda. A trip to Bunnings for piles of MDF. Another trip to Zart Art for clock hands and motors. Sending off a Scottie dog pendant for Georgie Love (maybe someone spending their Chrissy money?) I think that's a good start for 2009. Oh, and sending out the Betty Jo lino radar. Cause I can never have enough lino.......
Here's hoping your New Year shapes up to be a goodn'!


  1. I love your little creatures! wonderful work keep it up! x

  2. Happy New Year BJ, it is sure to be a good one for you and I look forward to seeing all your new creations and reading your very pleasant blog. Dora x

  3. Thank you very much Ms.Denise.
    And New Years Greetings to you too Ms.Dora

  4. ooh, what a cute red rollerskates bag!

  5. Happy New Year too! Yes it IS all in the timing, and you seem to have the radar finely tuned! Fab skate bag..
    let me know if you are planning to be in Sydney...(no pressure!)


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