Saturday, January 3, 2009

It's all about the Timing!

After finding this blog- "Melbourne Vintage Guide" and regularly spying every ones bestest thrifted finds on their blogs, I am more convinced than ever that it's not where you op-shop, how good an op shopper you are, or how many country op shops you can peruse in one outing.......It's all about the timing!
If you didn't stop for that vanilla slice in Rosebud, you may have got to the Tootgarook op shop before that darn person bought the vintage Sunbeam Mix Master in great condition.
You know your timing was out when you got to Greensborough Savers and saw a familiar Camberwell market seller with a shopping trolley full of cool stuff.
With more and more people trawling op shops for secondhand goods to sell on eBay and online vintage stores, the pickings are getting decidedly slimmer.
So please, just leave me some buttons, a doily or two, and on the odd occasion a special score to keep life interestingP.S. It was actually me that got the Mix Master!


  1. I totally agree with you. I think my very local Thrift Shop has become somewhat expensive, depending on who is pricing it, and as you said timing.

    I found a Royal Doulton figurine, Fat Boy, for .50 cents and the girl at the counter said, "oh no so and so has been pricing things again."

    One of the ladies working at the Thrift was wheeling out a trolley of goodies and of course I took a good look and there was a beautiful set of old chinese bowls. A lot of gold edging and far better quality than the normal old Chinese china you run across.

    So yes timing is all important, and getting to know the workers.

  2. Hi, I agree that we should all leave a little something behind, or donate some unwanted lovelies of our own, it's so depressing to find an op shop that has been stripped bare! Happy New Year - hope it brings you lots of nice thrifty things.

    Allison x

  3. Lovely sentiment Betty Jo. If we all leave a little behind there will always be treasures a plenty.

  4. That's all I ask too, oh and some vintage fabric please!!


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