Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Serendipity must be one of the prettiest words in the English language.
Yesterday I recall using the word serendipitous while speaking to a plumber no less.
I think it sums up a lot of Betty Jo's adventures online and in the real world.
On a totally different note, while strolling around the Melbourne Museum today with Lily and Charlie a guy called my name. He was one of my first students. He kissed me and introduced me to his fiance. They were both holding cans of rum and coke and were very happy. He had just got out of jail this morning.
This is me and him on camp at Wilson's Prom. many moons ago.


  1. How interesting! Hopefully he told his fiance that you were the best teacher that ever taught him.

  2. Oooh, one of my favourites too - closely followed by 'synchronicity'.

    Love the sunshiny rain cloud :)

  3. I'm fascinated about what would lead to a serendipitous moment with a plumber! Love the story about the museum too.

  4. there is a shop in scone called "serendipity"'s nice but a bit too asian imported for my taste...
    love that word though and even sat through the movie, cause i think john cussack is cute...i know sad really..
    love the close encounter in the museum...

  5. Wow, were you freaked out at all? Nice that he still remembers you.
    BTW nice sunshiny cloud! What a cutie! You've done a fantastic job.


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