Saturday, January 10, 2009

Thats Where!

A while ago I posed a few questions regarding etsy, treasuries, front page screen shots and such like.
I stumbled onto this in flickr in that strange convoluted way you do on the web. And it has answered most of those questions. I knew if I waited the answer would come. Thanks etsy admin for picking my cuckoo clock and sorry for those snippy emails I sent last year when I couldn't work out how to do a showcase listing.
Now that mystery is solved any ideas for kick starting some sales?
Oh, and check out a bigger version of The Black Apple print on the same page. It's called "The Button Collector" and features the cutest buttony cardigan in the entire universe!


  1. ah ha! Excellent, thank you. I've been doing a bit of Esty digging myself - you know when you look on someone's site and it says "4 million sales" and I've been thinking, mmm, must do something about getting the hang of this beast.

  2. my sister has this print...i have "wolf girl" and "the waiting room"
    and have my eye on one more...
    etsy is hard sometimes because it's so american...and most americans find it's cheaper to buy in there own country...when my sister lived there she would tell me how cheap everything was...and i think australian are more use to buying from the internet and overseas...and we are more use to paying a bit more for something individual and unique...

  3. Yay for you Liz! Your clock looks fab up there.

  4. Very nice! And thank you thank you thank you for the pay-it-forward gift. I love it!

  5. That picture is very cute and nice to have your clock in a treasury.

    I still haven't worked out how to take photos of a page, let alone put them onto my blog! I will have to put that on my 'to do list' and come back and read what you've found.


  6. Oh, how interesting! Thank you for that.

    Just found your blog & enjoying it!


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