Thursday, February 5, 2009

Hot Cats, Cool Lino

This favorite Golden book was discovered yesterday down the back of the book case. I'm glad it was found as it reminds me of my Charlie boy.I can look at it and smile while I miss him at school. Were did those almost six years go?
Our cat Pedro is exactly like a teenage boy (something I've got to look forward to). He basically only shows up for meals, prefers hanging out at his mates house and botting food, and stays out all hours, often slinking in through an open window all scruffy. When he does come home he gives the best cuddles as if to say sorry, I still love you!
My lovely neighbour took this photo of him making himself at home on her Cool vintage kitchen lino. This is where his mate Tiger lives and where I know I'll find him.
This is Pedro Puss the lino cat. Named after you know who!


  1. Awww both your cats are so cute.
    I really love your lino creations, they're so detailed...awesome and your IRL cat sounds like a rascal
    xx D

  2. he called Pedro for his mo and goatee? Si

  3. Si Ms.Neryl,
    A little bit Pedro Sanchez and a little bit Pedro Menendez.

  4. Love it. Have you seen the cats that look like Hitler site? Funny

  5. I love your description of real life pedro. He sounds like a pretty cool dude.

  6. omg -- charlie! that was a favorite book of my son's when he was not quite 2, we still have it -- and had an orange cat like charlie (my boy named him ken) who lived with us until my allergies hit -- then he moved to a lovely farm in the country...ken was one crazy cat, wish i wasn't allergic...


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