Tuesday, February 3, 2009

It's Time for School

I'll have butterflies in my stomach this week. The kind Mums get when their kids are taking big leaps forward and you are hoping things go well. The big girl is starting a brand new High School, and for a 14 yo, it is a huge deal. The 5 yo started primary school today and my conflicting emotions swung from uncertainty to relief then to happiness!Right. Now the kids are in school I can be one of those ladies who have all this wonderful leisure time on their hands. Lets see, maybe get a facial, join Fernwood, go out to lunch with a bottle of Chardy?.......... Yeh Right!
It's back into the studio for me. I've got clocks to make. But that's how I like it. Busy, Busy, Busy....takes my mind off the butterflies.


  1. i hope the big day went well...
    and not too teary...
    yes now what else could you add to that list...a spot of op shopping me thinks...

  2. You forgot about adding a spot of tennis to your calendar. I like Michelle's suggestion of op shopping.

    I love your clocks so much. I hope to put one in my studio one day.

    Hope the butterflies aren't hovering too close.

  3. wow, talk about a double whammy!
    Hope it went well, for all of you.
    what a big week this will be for your household.
    Love the pic of you and your little guy :)

    I can't imagine yet how teary I'll be when the littlie goes off to school :(

  4. Guess what. No tears from anyone. And yes, the first stop was the op shop!
    I'll pass on the tennis tinniegirl, but agree that your studio would run more smoothly with a Betty Jo clock!!

  5. forget the chardy darling!
    lets do cooooofffeeeeee ;)


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