Thursday, March 26, 2009

Bright, Happy, Lovely stuff......

That's what I like to be reading about on the net, especially in blogs and tweets.
So here is some creative goodness from my world ( with a bit of Betty Jo thrown in for good measure).Wall art around the corner from my house.
A bunch of thrifted knitting needles itching to be transformed.My sons first painting that has made it home from school in one piece...straight to the fridge with this one!Lino finches and sparrows ready to be sent off to cool new stockist "Pulp" in Manly NSW.


  1. gorgeous happy colours! So glad you have at least one piece of art that made it home without the leftover lunch and water bottle stains all over it! Great painting too!

  2. good for you thats a great shop may have to pick one up. I live just around the corner and am there every second day.


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