Saturday, March 28, 2009

Three More Things...

Last year Michelle from The Royal Sisters asked for three things that have made me smile this month. Well as March is almost over (and what an action packed month it has been) I wanted to think of the nice moments that were somewhat overshadowed by the bigger Betty Jo stuff.
* A lovely bit of craft blog synchronicity (I call them Betty Jo moments) involving butterflies, lino and the lovely Megan from "The Byron Life".
*Listening to my daughter play music has brought heaps of smiles to my face. Last week she thought she'd like to play the ukulele and the banjo and has been teaching herself (from the Internet no less). She has her fathers natural gift for music I might add, and likes collecting little toy instruments.*Every year before the 7th March ,Mr. BJ and I say we must remember our wedding anniversary, but we often forget. So I'm remembering now, with a smile, our special day 16 years ago.


  1. it's nice to read such lovely things that make you happy! Happy Anniversary Mr amd Mrs BJ!! You looked just beautiful!

  2. oh my what a gorgeous photo of you both...
    you look so happy together...
    congrats on your anniversary...
    and i adore this collection of musical instruments...
    love all your bettyjo goodness...
    i think everyone needs some smiles in there life, and your lovely blog always makes me smile...

  3. Happy anniversary!

    The musical instrument on the right (mint green, like a mini piano) is EXACTLY like the one I had when I was little...I called it a "melodica". I am immediately transported back in time now, I can feel how the plastic felt on my lips and I can hear the tones. Good times.

    That synchronicity is simply wondrous.

    P.S. My sparrow has been out and about and receiving many compliments, as has Mary's finch. I couldn't wait for Mum's b'day and so gave her the telephone yesterday. Huge success.

  4. Wow, what gorgeous wedding pix!! Adorable Liz. Happy happy anniversay - hope you remember to celebrate and spoil yourselves too xo

    I love that our bloggy synchonicity is up there with your wedding anniversary in happy moments this week,xo. My Betty Jo butterfly has pride of place on my "inspiration" table at the moment.

    And, I think you can probably guess that I also love that collection of toy musical instruments :)

  5. Oh what a beautiful wedding photo. I adore that gorgeous dress. Happy Anniversary and best wishes for many many more happy years together!

  6. yay yay yay
    you look positively beautiful
    the ukelele is a wicked instrument
    love love love
    simon and i are celebrating 9 years of marriage tomorrow!!
    jus xx


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