Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Back to the Grind Stone.

I'm back from my five day break which was refreshingly free of blogging, tweeting, flickring and facebooking. In fact no cyber brain overload to distract me from walks on the beach, reading a novel, op shopping, and assuming Easter bunny duties (including sampling all the wares, just in case they had all gone when I turned my head!) Speaking of op shopping, as well as stocking up on doilies and buttons, I bought myself this lovely item. It works beautifully and has it's own special case. It also has that musty smell like grandmas attic. Hands up if you love that smell. I do!And on another perplexing note.The issue of owls has got me confused. Are they still popular?
I know I am still making dozens a month and, according to the current post on Splendicity.com ,they are still kicking fashion goals. I'm not complaining.
"Is it just me, or are owls having a fashion moment? Suddenly, the little rascals are everywhere – dangling from necks and ears, looking wiser than thou........" Thanks Lisa Fogarty. Betty Jo Owl brooch from Moose


  1. Liz, that typewriter is such a great find. Many blogs I've been reading are seeking one just like it!

  2. I love your new typewriter!

    I'm sure owls are still as popular than ever, how can we not resist them.
    I still need to purchase my very own Lino Forest owl!!

    Angela x

  3. I love the owl. Everyone else seems to too. I wore it to the folk festival on Saturday and I got at least 20 comments from people, strangers and friends.

    Great typewriter! I love that attic smell. I also love the old makeup smell you get in vintage beauty cases ...

  4. liz...i adore the typewriter...
    i just bought a brooch from sophie at "herlibraryadventures" with the typewriter print on it...
    they are very popular so you are so lucky to get one...

    and about the owls...if they are not in What is...who can keep up...
    i think if they are still selling well they have to be...and once the new harry potter movie comes out, and i'm sure the owls will still be in it...there will be a surge all over again...

  5. I would definitely say that owls are still popular. I'm so jealous of that typewriter, I'm a writer in love with the old school glamour of the way it used to be so that is such an inspiration to me. I can only imagine how much the smell would add.
    xx Rachael

  6. That typewriter is ace. I found one too a couple of weeks ago - not quite as old as yours... need to get some ribbon for it so i can tap away.
    I reckon a cyber-break is the best thing ever. Sounds like yours was fab.


  7. I don't know if they are still popular but I love your owl. There is something so lovely about an owl isn't there? I used to know a chap (yes he was a chap!) who collected owls, he had a whole cabinet full of owls of all shapes and sizes. And yes, I love that smell too, it's very Nanna House. x

  8. The typewriter is fantastic!

    Glad you had a nice break!

  9. Hmm, the great owl debate has been been weighing heavily with me also, Want to hear my theory? oh, you're twisting my arm! I think that although groovy trend-setters like yourself (and moi of course) have been buddies with ye olde owl for yonks, it is just hiting the mainstream conciuosness now. Soon it will be appearing on T-shirts in Supre, and prompting a new school-yard craze of re-vamped swap cards, a sure sign of a miserable demise from 'cool'.
    So go forthgroovy trend-setter and create a new crafty style icon... Angela says donkey but my money is on the cuckoo-clock. ?

  10. Hey Doily,
    My thoughts entirely. I've always said the fashion trajectory travels as such....
    1st- indie shops and boutiques
    2nd- Sportsgirl
    3rd- Kmart and Target
    As for cuckoo clocks, I luv em.
    Oh, and I saw a teenager wearing a top with donkies on it on the weekend. mmmm


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