Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Moose is Good

Moose Art for Living online store has some new Betty Jo Designs.
Other nice Moose Jewellery I very much like as follows....
Anything by Kearnsie. Especially these,Fun is Cool Birdies are pretty cool,And Tiny Little Girls tiny little skulls,
So much lovely stuff I like at Moose.

* Betty Jo will be taking a wee break over Easter. ( but hasn't decided if she is taking the crafty materials away in case of major withdrawal setting in.)
Have a great time with your family and friends buttering fruity buns and picking up discarded bits of coloured foil!


  1. happy easter...i hope your little break is filled will chocolate goodness...

  2. Thanks Michelle,
    Good break away from the computer.
    Chocky aplenty!


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