Thursday, April 16, 2009

Happy Chain of Events

It's great when one chance meeting leads to a nice chain of events.
I met the lovely Eleanor (From the Comment Box!) at the bloggers dinner last month. She went back to Sydney and decided to order three Betty Jo brooches: one for her, one for a friend and one for her Mum. They were promptly shipped out and a few weeks later I got a call from a retailer in Waverley NSW interested in ordering some brooches. Apparently a customer had come in wearing a Betty Jo Sparrow and it had caught the managers eye. Yes it was Eleanor. She nicely went straight home and got my card to give to the woman.So these are some of the brooches ready to ship up to Shasta Bray.Thanks Eleanor!
Another thank you goes to Chrisy from Sophism Press who just so happened to be my Swapapalooza parcel recipient. She has nicely created a Guest Spotlight slide show of Betty Jo Designs goodies on her blog. I nicked it to put here. Another happy result of spreading the Betty Jo love.


  1. Such a sweet story. How great is it that your gorgeous brooches have found their way via a chance comment.

  2. clever little slide show...I love all these gadgets...
    so glad your products are finding new stockists...spread that bettyjo love around i say!!!

  3. hey congrats, I love when things like that work out! cute stuff


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