Friday, April 17, 2009

Polka Dots

I'm partial to a bit of Polka Dot action. Today seemed particularly dot laden.
A mother and daughter who both wore spotty dresses (totally unintentional).

We both have these cute little spotty coin purses on our keyrings (coincidence too)Close up of some spotty lino I've fashioned into a clock. This lino was courtesy of Dick and Dora.

My son is wearing polka dots too. In the form of Chicken pox! He asked if he caught it from the chickens at Ceres.....Lily is itchin' to play join the dots on him.The boy is just ITCHIN'!


  1. I shouldn't laugh about the chicken pox but it is pretty funny that he thinks it might be from the chickens!

  2. I am very partial to polka dots too! not the itchy kind though they are the pits

  3. oh the poor little thing...chicken pox is the was going around town at christmas but both my youngest ones miss out...
    love the polka dot love...

  4. I love a good polka dot too. And stripe. Your daughter is such a looker, she's going to be trouble soon enough!

  5. Poor fella. Love the synchronicity between the girls of the house.

  6. Poor kiddo with the pox! I thght melli had it recently - turns out it was a bad lot of mossie bites...
    Hope you get through it alright, I know the pox can be v. hard on some kids.
    (p.s my friend who is herbalist suggests chamomile baths to ease itchiness)

  7. So many dots. I posted a lovely Rosalie Gascoigne lino collage a little while ago that is very much like the one you used for the clock - so beautiful!


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