Tuesday, April 28, 2009

On Tuesday.....

I finished an order for a new Betty Jo stockist Sedonia in you guessed it, Seddon. Owlie brooch will be included.
I wore my new crocheted choker from The Royal Sisters. These little beauties have been described as the cutest way to spend four dollars on the Internet! Although taking a picture of your own neck is kinda tricky. Curly Pops had a similar dilemma with her sweet headband.
The little sparrow brooch peeking out the corner went through the wash last year. Luckily she came through unscathed, but I thought I would adopt her permanently.
And finally, I decided I should write some notes for a free lunchtime lecture I'm giving tomorrow at R.M.I.T. Initially I was going for the unstructured approach but then thought "off the cuff " may not cut it. I've also made a shmick slide show. I'm a big fan of the old school slide night!


  1. wow...looks fantastic...
    I might have to pop a few more in the shop...
    and yes it is very hard to take neck and head shots...
    that's why i try to avoid the face...cause then i would have to put on the make-up and wrinkle cream everytime i made something new...
    hope you have a great day tomorrow,
    you got to love a slide show!!!

  2. The choker really completes your outfit. Good luck with your lecture, it's lovely that you're caring and sharing.

  3. That choker looks so cool on you!


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