Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Your brooches get around!

That was the subject of an email I got today from Gillian from Silly Gilly. If you look here you can see her in person wearing a Betty Jo Sunny Cloud brooch, (she's the sultry blond holding the monkey). I was just mentioning today how I rarely see a full length pic. of someone sporting one of my pieces.Speaking of brooches getting around I saw this squirrel pop up on a Japanese blog the other day. Due to the very average google translator, this is all I could make out of the post.......
"Speaking of reuse, when I traveled to Australia before, the brooch of writer Betty Jo of jewelry was bought. It is a writer for whom the scrap is arranged and the brooch and the pendant are made. It is recycled, and it becomes wonderful unlike the situation to date. This is loved."
Well I got the gist. Nice huh?And look at all these gorgeous brooches owned by Evie@Handmade Romance. The BettyJo owlie is made from a gorgeous bluey green lino I used up ages ago, so it was nice to see it again.

*Remember, there's four more days to enter Betty Jo's Mum's Day GIVE AWAY! Look here for details..go on, you could win a brooch made by me for you or your Mum.


  1. I spotted that lovely owl over at Handmade Romance the other week...sweet!
    Great Japanese translation.

  2. Official covering statement from Silly Gilly: Please excuse slightly terrified, bimbo-like expression and bizarre unidentified bulge on hip. Possibly mobile phone intrusion.

  3. drool worthy collection of brooches.
    of course a collection is not complete without one of yours

  4. Oh I just spotted this post. Thanks for the little mention. Owlie is my all time fav!! x


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