Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Another Lovely Swap

You know the times when you see another artists work on Flickr or Etsy that really appeals. And they turn out to be lovely people that just so happen to like your work too. Well it happens a bit to me and luckily this time it was the talented Cassia Beck who is a photographer from Brighton U.K. I love her vintage inspired photography. The dust, scratches and blur from her vintage camera gives a lovely aged effect to her pictures.
We arranged a swap and yesterday my two wonderful prints arrived. "Deer can dance" above, and "Helter Skelter". (framed below in my bathroom)Now I wish we lived closer as I'd love Cassia to take a range of photos of my work.

Look at her fabulous Flickr pages and Etsy shop. She has a fine blog too.


  1. Those prints are great. They really fit your style. It looks great framed too.

  2. oh I love all that TTL photography...
    I have looked into how to do it...but's a tad beyond me...
    great swap...
    now I wonder if she likes dolls? lol...
    ps love your "other" picture in the bathroom...

  3. It's so nice to see my print framed in your house!
    Thank you for Suzie, she is much loved.

  4. oh, oh, oh... I must get that Helter Skelter print.....

    One of my wedding pics was the entire wedding party going down the Helter Skelter in Brighton (taken from the top). I no longer have the husband but I'm incredibly sentimental about that end of the Palace Pier!!


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