Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Ms. Tinnie Girl has invited us to share some recently acquired loot. I'm not sure I can stretch it out over seven days, but today I'm doing a quick recap of the weekend after a pretty crazy day at the Museum yesterday.
Firstly a side of the road score which is good loot in my book. A big pile of very vintage Linoleum from the 30's. Note the date on newspaper found with it . And an old Kitchen table top with the cool green laminex I used in the Owlie brooch.
On Saturday I again went to my local Made 'n' Thornbury Market. I'm giving you the link to Curly Pops post as she summed it up pretty well. I have almost decided to get organized and have a stall here in December. It has such a friendly , crafty vibe, and is less than five minutes away from my place. You gotta love that! This time I purchased a lovely notebook for my Mum from Finki. The cute deer drawing on the cover was done by her daughter and really appealed to me.
On Sunday our Primary School had it's annual Harvest Festival. I'm a part of the Craft Committee, and we organised a fabulous stall full of beautiful handmade goodies. Just in time for Mothers Day!I love this scarf I bought made of recycled materials and backed with a leg of some trousers! It's even got a pocket to stash some cash!


  1. fabulous score from the side of the road!! wish I could stumble across some very vintage chenille just lying there!!!

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  3. you just gotta be in the right place at the right time for those side of the road finds, well done.
    I hope you do come to the Thornbury market, it so much fun, and of course I'll be first at your stall to finally get a betty jo brooch of my own. (:

  4. I love that Finki notebook. The illustration is great.

    Nice score on the side of the road goodies.

  5. Yah! It would so cool to have Betty Jo at the market. I had heaps of comments on my gorgeous brooch in the afternoon on Saturday.


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