Thursday, May 21, 2009

A bit of Mabel Cute.

Just for something a bit cute here are some Aunty Mabel's handbags with a sweet little cupie doll.
This dolly reminded me of the little children in Mabel Lucie Attwell's illustrations. I'm a sucker for cute things tinged with nostalgia. I owned a few Mabel Lucie Attwell's annuals as a girl and spent many hours copying her gorgeous illustrations. I think there may be one still floating around at my Mum's, but here are some others from my place.My son has this print in his room. The sentiment is very apt when it comes to my boy and his dog.Here's a gorgeous collectible Mabel Lucie Attwell plate by Shelley. Something I'd like to stumble across at an op shop one my dreams.


  1. love the little bags and doll...very mabel...
    I did pick up some books today at the op shop...
    a golden book called...
    "the little trapper"
    yes he goes out to trap animals...
    i don't think he gets any thou...luckerly...
    will read this one tonight...

  2. I loved Lucy Atwell Annuals when I was a kid. I recently picked up a book at a op shop and a tin at a garage sale

  3. I LOVE Mabel Lucy Atwell and I had the Goodnight Stories book when I was little, only your copy is in much better condition than mine is!

  4. yes i remember those cheeks.

    what a strange but great looking cupie doll, she would fit well with my odd looking doll collection

  5. I have the "Water babies" with her illustrations from when I was a child. I just adore the book - she created the most whimsical underwater scenes.

  6. Great post, and I love the story about your son's student teacher and I'm pleased that she now knows, loike, how totally cool you are.


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