Wednesday, May 20, 2009

little sparrow....

I made this little sparrow for a lady. But it turned out she doesn't fancy the lino. Sparrow is feeling a bit forlorn, but I'm totally sure someone else will give her a home.
I have been feeling somewhat forlorn over the past 2 days....On Monday I had one of those ikky times in the dentists chair. Luckily the nurse let me squeeze her hand HARD! Although on the upside, it made this fluey thing I've got seem like a distant memory for a while.
But today things are looking promising. I'll be finishing an order for Blondies and making more clocks for "Store" in Perth.And having fun with my new designs. Thanks for the great feedback on the "Lino Deco" brooches and pendants. Blogging about your new work is a bit like online Market research with a positive spin.


  1. Cheer up little sparrow (and Betty Jo) I think your lino's lovely!

  2. Aah and there she is the little sparrow like the one that I saw that very glamorous girly on the plane waering - and from one of your stockists in Perth too.

    My Mum's wonderful Betty Jo Pallette brooch is now holidaying in Hong Kong with her. I'm sure she is getting compliments wherever they go. My sister and her expat friends will just LOVE it!


  3. Aaah just realised I was signed in with my other alter ego from BrisStyle - sorry Liz xox. Must have been the hangover from my trip to the dentist this afternoon.

    Hope that you are feeling more chirpy now too.



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