Friday, May 15, 2009

OOAK Cuckoo Clock

While cruising around the never ending Galaxy that is Etsy, I occasionally see products with OOAK in the title. What is oo-ak I thought? Then eventually the light bulb moment arrived. It was something I'd been doing all along and never realised there was an official acronym for it.
So here is my new OOAK Cuckoo Clock. ...and yeh it's "one of a kind"!


  1. So what does OOAK mean? I have to know now :-)

    oooo oh my god i just realised - so dumb

    One of a kind :-) ggezzz glad it is Friday.

  2. That's the "lightbulb moment" I was talking about!

  3. Thanks for the OOAK education here, too.... it had ME stumped.

  4. my light globe tends to be quite faulty went in comes to things like this...

  5. I love your clocks.Such a great twist on an old design.

  6. Yeah, it took me a while to figure out the OOAK too. BTW, one of my best friends, Lisa told me today that she had won one of your owl brooches. She loves it! I think you may be getting more business from her :)


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