Saturday, May 16, 2009

"Lino Deco"

The six new "Lino Deco"designs come as a brooch or a pendant.
They are from top right 1. Clarice 2. Greta 3. Bessie 4. Josephine 5. Coco and 6.Zelda
Can you guess which 1920's and 30's women I have named them after?
And in answer to Eleanor's question, yes they are for sale , but only from Pussycat Black or from me at this stage.
They'll come branded with my fresh new stamp. The font is called "Betty Noir", which I think is kinda apt.

Betty Jo Designs


in Melbourne with love


  1. I'm guessing Clarice Cliff, Greta Garbo, Coco Chanel.... and then I'm lost after that!

  2. Same as Cam, and then my mind goes blank!

    I just love these. I'm hoping I will be able to come by one soon!

  3. great idea with the it...
    and new font is lovely...

  4. this is an exciting new direction you're taking.


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