Saturday, May 30, 2009

Save the Pink Bathrooms

Most days I wish I had a bathroom fairy to wave her wand and voila, a sparkling bath, basin and tiles glisten back at me. No such luck today. Part of me kinda likes my pink sixties bathroom and lolly pink taps, but part of me wants an update! For more pink bathrooms check out the flickr pool "Save the Pink Bathrooms".I would happily live with Neryl's gorgeous bathroom...her whole abode is pretty above average actually. Have a look here for a special feature.


  1. Some days I wish I lived in a 1950's house (with all the mod cons of course). There were many of them in my childhood with bathrooms of pink, green, baby blue or lemon.

  2. Been there, done that. Actually I decided to work with my pink lot and used pretty fabric that incorporated the colour in the bathroom curtains and for a skirt around the free standing basin and instead of being overwhelming it became part of the whole. Cherrie

  3. I rather like your taps, and your sinkhole too! We moreorless re-retroed our bathroom (it had been very, very badly modernised) and love it. Although I do also love that all the wall and floor surfaces are new.

    Of course, it will never be finished. And the bathroom cleaning fairy is still very slack.

  4. oh i remember several bathrooms just like this...
    if i had to choose i would have a new bathroom would be much easier to clean...
    maybe one i could hook up to a fire hose and just blast it once a week...

  5. Thx Betty Jo! We HAD to move in after we saw our bathroom. Yours is cute too!


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