Friday, May 29, 2009

Some days are diamonds.......

I've just had one of those uplifting days today. Melbourne gave us some crisp Autumn sunshine while I trammed it into the city. First stop Craft Victoria to deliver some stock, (the"Lino Deco" range is now available at Counter) and to catch a great installation by Simon Lloyd called "Gleaning Potential". I highly recommend having a good sticky at the myriad of gleaned items Mr. Lloyd has assembled in a mocked up studio within the gallery space. It was uncannily like my studio, but neater.
Then a stroll down Flinders Lane, stopping in at eg.etal for a drool over the jools , then a browse at the gorgeous Alice Euphemia in Cathedral Arcade (more lovely jools) , and finally down to "The Cats Meow" to drop off a few new Betty Jo things.
Now comes the diamond bit. I am a champion gleaner and have, you could say, based my business around the very act of collecting items discarded by others.
Today I saw the dustiest, grubbiest old lot of unwanted stuff just near my place. On further inspection some treasures emerged from the rusty, dusty boxes and papers, and here are just some of them.
I think I had a dream once where I found some unwanted treasure. I felt a bit of deja vu today while unearthing these.........


  1. that little yellow bird is very cute! good score!

  2. Diamonds indeed!
    I'm amazed at what other people think is rubbish and just throw out.

  3. I'm impressed. I suppose you have to be willing to look at trash to truly find treasure. Good for you. I love the little bird and the buttons. Oh, the buttons.

  4. Oh my GAWWWWWWWD! Someone threw that out???

  5. I have dreams like that too, but I never find the treasure!!!

  6. Lovely find.They where meant to be your.

  7. oh just so perfect...
    don't you just adore went this happens...
    it just feels so want to burst...
    love the amazing are they!!!

  8. How amazing is that deco buckle, fits in so well with your latest goodies!


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