Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Bike and Skirt Love

I have been getting a lot of wear out of my Made with Love by Hannah skirt. I get withdrawals when it's in the wash. It goes a treat with my lovely thrifted red shoes and an Ollie Owl pendant.
Lily found this old Raleigh bike dumped on the nature strip last year and I often jump on for a cruise around the neighbourhood. The gears are pretty rudimentary so I steer clear of steep hills if I can.Today I really wanted to write some answers in response to Ness Donnelly's tag, but over the last week I seem to have been typing answers to dozens of questions about me and my alter ego Betty Jo. I now have mild brain freeze and can't even think of any decent responses. So I promise very soon Ness.


  1. Is it wrong to want your outfit and your bike??

  2. Hi Lynsey,
    Shoes are definately not available, but I totally recommend Hannah's skirts. Just the right A-line cut and length. I don't wear any thing else!
    Bike?...I kinda want that too.

  3. oh love the outfit...
    it works so well together...
    love the basket...very
    "riding through Switzerland"


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