Monday, May 11, 2009

Good all Round!

Well, that's Mothers day over for another year. We had a lovely laid back day. Brekky at Pearl Oyster, then a bit of fossiking at Coburg Market. Cute homemade card and special Burt's Bees goodies from one of my favorite places Klein's Perfumery.
And some peace.....the 6 yo went out for the afternoon with Dad. Good all round. And the market fossiking turned up a one or two special treats I'll show later.Courtesy of Living Creatively, there's a peek into the world of Betty Jo and her Lino adventures here. And a good round up of Aussie craft Markets here. I am itching to check out The Finders Keepers Market in Sydney. It's on next weekend, but unfortunately my life these days doesn't allow me to just jump on a plane on a whim...sigh.
I'll leave you with some very cool linoleum designs found via 1950's Atomic Ranch House.


  1. I love Klein's, and Burts Bees

  2. love the article and the way they set out your great looked fantastic...

  3. Congrats on the great Living Creatively article!


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