Thursday, June 25, 2009

Scottie Spotting

I was reading an article about Polyvore in the Age last Friday (from the L.A. Times) and am determined not to get sucked in by it's designing charms. I like looking though and just sometimes discover a Betty Jo brooch "borrowed" from Moose or GeorgieLove. It's fine by me if this happens as it always links back to the source, although some people on Etsy weren't so happy about it.

Scottie by ytoowlmcb
Not so sure about this one.....
Happy Australia Day!
Happy Australia Day! by miss bryn :)
Speaking of Scottie spotting, The Moose ad in the new Frankie magazine has a lovely spread of products.In fact I spotted several familiar jewellery items scattered through the pages of Frankie. As usual, I always look at the jools first. So don't be alarmed if ever we meet I'm checking out your coat lapel or neck as we speak!


  1. I'm an accessory checker outer er to. Far to often at my markets I see the jools first, and say oooh I love that, did you make it or buy it....only to look up and see that I know the person! I'm terrible.

  2. My biggest buzz is actually seeing people wearing my jewellery. Doesn't happen that often , but it's nice when it does!


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