Monday, June 15, 2009

Snow in a Globe

It was 2 degrees this morning. Chilly, icy, probably snowing in the mountains. I can't see myself getting to the Snow fields anytime soon (my skiing days are well and truly over, I like my bones not broken thanks very much.)
The last time we went I figured for the cost of getting there, kitting us all out, chains, park fees, lifts, food, accommodation etc. we could have gone up north and been warm.
I believe the purpose of snow globes are to provide you with a wintry wonderland, without the frostbite.
From top left: 1.Betty Jo designs Snow Globe.2. Walter Martin & Paloma Munoz beautiful handmade Snow Globe. 3.BlackCherry Art Lino Print Snow Globe. 4. Betty Jo Designs Owl Snow Globe.


  1. I adore the one you made with the rabbits. It's beautiful.

  2. oh I love snow domes...
    they are just gorgeous...
    and brilliant idea to make some betty jo ones...
    stay warm...


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