Saturday, June 13, 2009

Good Guys

These Day of the Dead skull badges were my first commission by a guy. Happy to report they were given the thumbs up. Thanks Kevin.I finally spotted my first Junky Projects lamp post face in a Fitzroy side street. Mr. Junky Projects describes himself as an"enigmatic street art avenger who creates creatures from the debris of society,then resurrects them onto wooden telegraph poles and other forgotten places around the globe,(well around Australia so far). all my work is made entirely from recycled or found objects except the nails, i can never find enough nails. "
I've had Jarvis Cocker's new album "Further Complications" on high rotation. I have a bit of a thing for the droll and dapper Jarvis. In the 90's I worked at the Bead Company in Enmore right next to the Enmore Theatre so I often scored free tickets. As I was wandering down the back lane behind the shop, who should be out there milling around after sound check...Jarvis! I smiled. And enjoyed the Pulp gig that much more later that evening.
And I have just discovered this amazing fact. Wes Anderson is directing a stop-motion animation movie of Roald Dahls Fantastic Mr.Fox. Look who doing the voices. Jarvis is the voice of Petey (a role created just for him) and has written music for the sound track...Perfection.I have just finished reading this book to Charlie and can't tell you how much I still love it.


  1. ow ow ow lovin' the skulls!! and a big thanks for the heads up on wes andersons next venture - Im so excited! I love wes's work, and stop-motion, great combo, i will be keeping my eyes peeled for news on this one. have a lovely weekend x

  2. Thanks for the skull love.
    I'm gonna be waiting with baited breath for this movie.As well as Jarvis we get Mr.Foxy George Cloony's dulcet tones...noice!

  3. that book is a great book ... love the skulls

  4. Oh my, can't believe I haven't downloaded the Jarvis album yet... you have inspired me yet again! You are my hero you know!!!!

  5. I'm so old school. I still buy the C.D. from a walk in record shop and play it on an old fashioned C.D. player. But unfortunately I wreaked my ears and can't use IPods & earphones.

  6. Reading the Roald Dahl books to my kids has been one of the real joys of parenting. Thanks for the heads-up about the movie, can't wait.


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