Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Just back from a wee trip up to Bendigo. We viewed the Archibald Prize at the Bendigo Art Gallery (my people's choice selection "Nell" by Abbey McCulloch above).
Visited bob boutique and met the lovely Sonia in person. This cute shop is worth a trip in itself and stocks Betty Jo amongst other lovely things (like these Lark badges).We couldn't pass up the "I heart op shops" one!
And clever me came prepared with a list of all the op shops in the region. Just download and print! (Thanks to Bendigo Tourism website). I can safely say after at least a dozen we were starting to have slight op shop fatigue!

So we did a few touristy things, some of which involved posing in front of various monuments!


  1. oh that sounds like a good fun trip. Isn't it good to get out of the studio from time to time?

  2. Yes, 99% fun. I had to minus a point for the sound of my bickering children. Ah, the family road trip.......


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