Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Snow and Peppermint

A little bunch of snow themed brooches have gone to live at the Mt. Buller Chalet. Artist Wendy Jagger runs a small exhibition space in the foyer and, as it's currently 3 degrees in the city, I'm sure it's snowing on the mountain this very minute! Snow= lots of visitors.Hurrah, the postie finally delivered my copy of Peppermint magazine. It's a lovely publication and Tess Curran has written a terrific article called "Made with Love"about the wave of DIY craft, featuring over 15 crafty women.You'll have to buy the magazine to see who's included!


  1. oh love the snow theme...
    especially the snow man...

  2. Hi Betty Jo,
    I have just started my own blog. I love reading about your creative loves. Thanks for sharing!

  3. awwww.... these little brooches are so incredibly sweet! Have just discovered your blog! Happy happy! x

  4. Hmmm yes. I think I recognise one of those talented crafty women. Can't say I've heard of Peppermint magazine though. Oooh! I love a new publication. I'm clicking on the link to check it out. xx

  5. Thanks Michelle, Sue and mistybliss.
    Go on, buy it Ann Marie. Can't have too many magazines!


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