Saturday, July 11, 2009

Winter Blossom

This Owl clock is braving a windy winters day to get amongst the pretty blossoms. Next week it will be winging it's way North to warmer climes. Thank heavens for plants that flower in Winter to brighten up the garden.Now this beautiful wattle tree with is vivid yellow pompoms is posing a dilemma. For the six or so weeks it flowers (right outside my studio window) I suffer the worst hay fever, especially when the southerlies blow the pollen right in the window. But I can't get rid of it.
Lily raised it from a seed, it survived me accidentally lawn mowing it down as a wee seedling, and it's just so pretty...... I will suffer for beauty.


  1. Is the owl coming to live with me perchance? You know I would look after her... I really would!
    Love the eyelashes on this one.

    Sad abt the pom-pom allergy - they are such a pretty plant.

  2. She is beautiful.


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