Friday, July 10, 2009

I'm liking.....

More time to mooch around while it's holidays. And getting a few extra zzzz in the morning.
The anticipation of some brisk business from Life InStyle (fingers crossed).
This book . Soon to be launched. With lots of Handmakers from Melbourne like Betty Jo and Fat Mumma's! And more of course, but I won't know who till I get me a copy.
Resin jewellery by Princess C, Lady J and the Upper Crust.
"This is Snouty, and yes, he is a cranky pants. He doesn't like much, and only enjoys eating Spam with a spork. Steer clear of him on Mondays and Tuesdays as he feels this is too early in the week to be reasonable."


  1. I'm liking your granny rug and those vintage pillowcases!
    I didn't know that there was going to be a new version of Handmade in Melbourne - how very cool.

  2. Oh!!! adore the rug....
    how gorgeous with the vintage pillowcases...
    I wish I could find some pillowcases like them around here...they never seem to have them at vinnies...

  3. So much loveliness in one post. Very exciting about being in Handmade in Melbourne. Congrats.

  4. oh i know someone else who in the new Handmade in Melbourne!see you at the launch;)

  5. Hi Liz, i was kindly asked to be in the book too!
    Yay for Melbourne creatives!!!


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