Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Brooch Action!

There's a lot of Brooch action goin' down in da hood. Some over at Gina's and some at Ann Marie's.
And heaps at my place.
Practically all my orders from Life Instyle so far have been BROOCHES....Go the clasp!I'm pleased this owlie brooch has found such a cute owner in the mystery Swappapalooza crafty exchange! I'm still waiting for mine, but I think it had farther to travel.


  1. They are all adorable Liz.
    And, they look great against a black/dark background.


  2. Yes, I suspect I won't be able to stop at one Betty Jo special!

  3. ooh, that pony is so tempting!
    I was lucky enough to score a loan of a friend's Lino Forrest brooch this week - they're all so gorgeous i don't think I can resist much longer. =)


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