Monday, August 10, 2009

Seeing Red

Ok, I know I'm all over the shop with a photo a day. I can't follow instructions however hard I try. Much to my families amazement I pulled out the "Curry Bible " the other night and started following a recipe, but then I began turning pages and the curry ended up as an amalgamation of several curries...but it was voted a success!I'm wondering if it had something to do with this most excellent red enamel cooking pot. If I had been working in the op shop where I found it, it would have been snatched up quick smart and never have seen the light of day. Red was a recurring theme for me today. I think I like red as much as I like orange.

*Loving my new Klei earings


  1. gorgeous red...
    I think my curries end up a bit like that...
    most times they work out well...sometimes they can be a tad scary...(way too hot)...

  2. Great pot, now, I have found that the problem with cooking in the 'turn the pages' style is it is very hard to repeat the ones that work *sigh* I also love that little cow, so cute!


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