Monday, August 31, 2009

Long live CRAFT!

Do you ever get the feeling a Crafty change is in the air?
Creativity runs through my veins, but so does the feeling one must keep moving forward.
I often wonder if people have the time to read anymore internet stuff relating to my humble crafty offerings as there are a zillion Craft Blogs out there all proudly displaying their wares . There also seems to be so much written about the craft movement at the moment, both online and in the print media........
I hope people haven't reached CRAFT OVERLOAD!
Can they still bear to fork out money for another cute knitted tea cosy or handmade brooch?
I'm just pondering the possibility, but I guess a good yard stick will be how well the Craft stall at my sons school fete goes. Me and a group of Mums have been meeting regularly whipping up crafty goodies from pre-loved and donated materials and are hoping the crowds respond well and we reap in the bucks. We will be selling knitted tea cosies and handmade brooches I might add!
Still, I know the day will soon be here when mass produced goods with a hand crafted feel will flood the shopping malls and that all craft, good and bad, could easily fall out of favour with the general public.
Lets hope this day is a long way off or else never comes at all. Long live Craft! And long live the blogs that promote it!
Multi Coloured Necklace


  1. I hope that day never comes either! I really think there is a change in the world, I hope others feel the same. YAY! Three cheers for CRAFT!!
    Sophie x

  2. Long live CRAFT!

    Can you let me in on where the school fete will be, I would love to pop in to browse the crafty goodness!

  3. I believe your right, however I also think crafty people have a need to create, so when some items are massed produced craters will come up with something new and neat so the cycle continues (positively thinking) :)

  4. don't worry, you're a craft superstar!
    btw, that's an amazingly beautiful necklace!!

  5. craft will evolve to always be unique and extraordinary. (:
    p.s when's the fete.

  6. I often think about this too. I think we can borrow from the art v craft debate to aid our thinking. Art is seen as an invaluable part of civilised society even though it may at times be more or less fashionable. If craft can be elevated to the same status, which seems to be happening more at the moment, then it will prevail. Perhaps it is the role of crafters to continue to seek the recognition that craft deserves.


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