Thursday, August 20, 2009

Nature vs Nurture

It's busy again at Betty Jo Headquarters. Well, it's never not busy here.......keeping on top of life, paperwork (groan), maintaining a sense or order in the general disarray of my surrounds.
Being neat doesn't always come naturally. It's the old Nature vs Nurture argument.
I know it's a genetic thing, as my Mum loathed housework(her words) and I'm housework's LEAST biggest fan. No one in the Betty Jo household inherited the particular neatness trait that is a somewhat enviable feature others possess. The trait that possibly leads you to colour code your bookshelf....something to aim for methinks. How gorgeous does this look!Tomorrow I'll be at "Craft and Design as a Career"run by Craft Victoria and held at the Melbourne Museum. After not managing to get to the last few, I've realized Craft and Design is actually the career path I am following, and anything to assist in improving my business nous is only going to be helpful. And I'm keen to hear Ms Julia deVille (who is practically Jewellery Royalty) speak about her experiences.

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  1. oh I am so NOT neat, but I have a colour-coded bookshelf!
    Can't imagine organising books any other way!!!



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