Saturday, August 22, 2009

Walking Billboards....

Look at these two gals snapped at the Craft and Design as a Career seminar yesterday. Both sporting their own jewellery (as you do), caught on camera phone then magically appearing in facebook world and blogland in less than 24 hours.
Ali's Australiana cool and perfectly touristy neckpiece is called "Brooch for a Comedians Mother". "During the Melbourne Comedy Festival last year I noticed a lot of visiting comedians in town during the day. I figured that however wacky and zany they are, they all had mothers that are normal, and they all needed to buy their mothers a present from Melbourne. I thought I could make something."Liz's "Clarice" necklace, named after Clarice Cliff is from the latest "Lino Deco"range. A collection of six recent designs from Betty Jo evoking the bold colour schemes and strong geometric patterns of the Art Deco era.
It can't hurt plugging your work, especially if it's as easy as doing up a clasp round your neck or pinning a brooch on your cardi!

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