Saturday, August 1, 2009

A photo a day in August.

Ms. Megan of The Byron Life has a new camera baby too, so to celebrate and get into the practice of using it we are invited to play "A photo a day in August". Go and join in if you need some snappy motivation.
I will even endeavour to read the manual of my new camera by the end of August...I promise.
Just a reminder, you only have today and tomorrow left to enter my BagO'buttons GIVEAWAY.Still life with buttons, brooch, notepad and tins I found with the box of Formica from last post. The tobacco tin had a roll of gaffer tape in it and the spark plug tin had a bag of silver glitter!!!!


  1. Oh what a gorgeous little collection, you always find the most gorgeous things! Your photo has totally inspired me to play along.
    Sophie x

  2. beautiful photo! I decided this was a reason to sit down and read my manual too, Im sure it can do a lot more than what Im doing with it!
    goodluck with the photos, I've decided to play along too!
    xx Courtney

  3. Love this!
    with the manual thing - I'm just picking out the best bits your know!!!


  4. great still pic...
    I would love to play along but work is slowing me down too much this month...
    will be great to see everyones photos thou...
    I'll make time for that...

  5. I think I'd like to play too. I don't have a new camera as such but I am using Little Miss Ruffle's camera she got for Christmas. Good to see that is is raining somewhere in Melbourne. There is no rain in Brunswick


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