Friday, July 31, 2009

Thanks again Chester!

Working from home has its perks to be sure. But often I can get distracted by various pressing needs that whisper to me from the rest of the house. Yesterday it was Chester looking at me with his doggy eyes insisting that a walk was highly over due.
Now, as you may or may not know, for my latest range I'm working with pieces of Laminex as well as lino. I felt that for variation I needed some more sample cards and had been on the phone to Laminex that morning . Yes, they have a sample book available to buy. FOR HOW MUCH?!
Ok. I'll think about that option.
I didn't feel I could go back and take any more from the kitchen showroom near me with out some stern words being spoken, so I was debating plan C while heading out with Chester in the weak winter sun.
And what should I find discarded from the same place I found these treasures?
A box of old Formica sample cards. In great retro colours. The red Formica is a perfect match with the original 50's kitchen table that Mr. BJ and I bought for our first flat in East St.Kilda way back when. It's seen better days, but we still have it.So there you go. Chester the lino sniffer outer comes up trumps again!


  1. nice find! love the colours

  2. It sure was meant to be wasn't it ? Next time my similar looking dog looks at me in that funny way I'll go for a walk past the OP shop !

  3. Again, I can't believe how you keep finding these things. You obviously have good karma.

  4. and doesn't he look so proud of himself there! good job Chester!

  5. I think the junk I find has always been there , but I just notice it more now. Chester is really just the catalist, or should I say dogalist!

  6. The hard-rubbish-gods are smiling on you! What a perfect find.

  7. What a find! The formica is gorgeous. Chester has one special nose.

  8. A dogs nose knows!
    What a dog and what a great find! Love the colours.


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