Saturday, September 12, 2009

Orange Stuff.

Orange stuff
Yesterday I was dosing up on mandarins and mega C's (croak, croak) and had a bit of fun with orange. Since posting this pic. of my orange kitchen, I've discovered there are many other orange fanciers about. SewHum has recently started a blog 30 degrees of Orange just about orange.
Cassia has scoured etsy to find the prettiest orange niceness around.( I bags the Deco choker!)
So no apologies necessary. Orange is cool as well as HOT!


  1. I love this, gorgeous orange!! I remember those little spotty purses and I love the owl.

  2. Great pic...
    and amazing collection...
    This would look great framed...
    Just add hot

  3. love it. i think orange is the happiest colour.
    though, i imagine people who remember the 70's probably feel differently.


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