Wednesday, September 23, 2009

When it's so Bad it's Good!

It was the Itchiball Prize opening night last night. Brought to us by the Museum of Particularly Bad Art. The night when the best of the worst art comes out of garages, op-shops and other hiding places to be displayed and admired in all it's tacky glory.
The standard was as bad as last year, with the prize going to "Why do we need a Porpoise in Life".My peoples choice selection was "Bad Hair Day".Talk about beauty (Pippa) and the beast!
I've never really thought about the story behind all this "Rejected Art" that has been discarded by the original owner and has made it's way to the local Op shop.
But last night I got to thinking, because a little Betty Jo something had been on a similar journey. My friend Jules turned up last night sporting a brooch. Yes it's the one on her lapel.
It was made by me at least four years ago and was sold in one of my Melbourne stockists.
But, the unfortunate brooch (is it a hippo?, is it a chimp?, no it's a hipchimp) was found by my friend while she was sorting donated goods for the Windsor Brotherhood Op-shop were she works.
Yes, it was in the skip, still on it's card (so no mistaking it's mine) and found by my friend.
A particularly Bad brooch at the particularly Bad art show.


  1. That is a little priceless. You know what though, it's nice for newbies like me to read posts like this and see where you started and how much your work has evolved.

  2. Yes, that brooch was a strange one off..I guess the recipient thought it a little too strange as well.

  3. Hi Liz,

    Stopping by for a read, that story about your brooch is amazing!
    Return of the prodigal son? What are the odds of your friend finding it!?
    You should both go buy a tatts ticket! BTW noticed that your 'followers' badge is missing, mine too! Some sought of bloggy glitch going on, hmmm.

  4. Priceless indeed!! That's such a great story - not saying I think that brooch shld have ever landed in a bin - but so cool that your friend found it!
    love you people's choice :)
    What a great exhibiiton idea.

  5. the winning one i wanna buy seriously its the first time ive been intrested in art


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