Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Black and/or White.

What do you think of first when you read these words?
The whiskey, the song, the magazine, cabs?
Or do you relate it to photography, visual images or film?
Maybe it's more political- race, indigenous issues, immigration?Or maybe you like to view the world in "Black and White". Clear cut, no fuss or distractions. Good is Good, Bad is Bad, and there is no in between.
I like life to be full of colour, where there is no distinction made between skin tone, age, life style, gender or class.
A great big melting pot of cultures all mixed in together to create the myriad of colours that make life so rich.
Yesterday I discovered a Berlin based lighting designer who both embraces colour and recycling. Stuart Haygarth makes the most amazing lighting from man made beach debris washed up on a stretch of Kent coastline. Below is the "Tide Chandelier"And when I saw his neat and ordered Rainbow assemblage of Beach Plastic it was a weird feeling after posting my random effort yesterday. But the world is a small place and the problem of litter is universal.


  1. I think of the song immediately. How cool would it be if you could string up all of your beachy finds to make a chandelier!

  2. I like your style, on so many levels.

    Love Stuart's tidy collages. It doesn't mean I love yours any less. Like you say - room for all.

  3. I think of the Black and White cookie episode of Seinfeld. I had one of those cookies when I was in New York just because of that episode!!

  4. wow you've just inspired me!


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