Saturday, October 10, 2009

Grate Craft......

If you need a good laugh for what ever reason, pop over to Regretsy and peruse the hand picked items available to buy on etsy where taste and style have been thrown out the window. Actually there was never any taste or style to begin with.
Beware! Leave any prudishness at the doorstep as you enter the world of "What were they Thinking".These BIG babies are stunnin' don't you think? Unfortunately no good for me as I'd prefer my lobes not to be touching my shoulders.
Don't get me wrong, I love tacky Craft. I just bought this book at Savers today and admit to having a delightful string art yacht on the wall at my place.But there's tacky and there's just plain wrong. I am glad there is a place were the line is drawn.

UPDATE : I've just stumbled across this site. A wee bit mean too, but funny. I think it's where we can meet the regretsy craftspeople in person!


  1. I trawled through it last night..I couldn't believe it! I had a good chuckle though :)

  2. I will be a regular at this website. I could spend hours scrolling through. Good find!

  3. Oh dear, I too discovered regretsy a few days ago. I spent a good amount of time laughing out loud as I trawled through it yesterday. In fact my hubby and I had a giggling fit about it when we were trying to go to sleep. I know it's mean... but gosh darn it's funny!

  4. I wonder if your yacht string art looks anything like the one I have? I posted it about a month ago. I just checked out that "people of wal-mart" site. Too funny!

  5. Yes I remember your string art post (i just popped back to have another look)
    Our yacht is four coloured and sooo 70's. The book I got today is circa 1971.
    And I now know string art is also called Symmography. Fascinating......

    I have aching sides from looking at the Wal-mart a car wreck that you can't look away from.

  6. Those sites are hilarious aren't they? You should also try out Etsy WTF which is in a similar vein to Regretsy!


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