Friday, October 9, 2009

Turquoise (Opalescent) stuff

I was set a very hard challenge by Ms. Debbie N. to create an "Opalescent" colour collage. Not much opalescent goodness around my place, except this beautiful opalescent glass bowl found in an op shop one fine day( made in France, very lovely). I absolutely adore opals though. I used to admire my Nana's beautiful opal ring when I was little, and remember distinctly she promised to leave it to me when she passed away. Unfortunately it didn't happen. I have since heard that it is bad luck to receive opals as gifts.
I guess I won't be asking for this ring for Christmas.So I picked my favorite colour that shimmers from opals.......and give you Turquoise stuff!
Turquoise stuff


  1. I heard it's only bad luck to buy opals for yourself. So maybe you just need to leave a pic of it lying suggestively around :-)

  2. Ooo, in that case I'll drop some hints. I'm owed an engagement ring...and a wedding ring for that matter.
    But I have also heard it is bad luck to wear opal if it isn't your Birth Stone (libra). So back to square one!

  3. I meant to ask, is that a Lalique bowl? It sure looks like one. My Dad collects them and he would have a heart attack if you had found one in an op shop!

  4. I have a book on Lalique, but have not seen a similar design.It doesn't have a signature, and I think there are numerous French glass wear manufactures.
    It does have a wee chip rendering it not valuable :-(


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