Friday, October 2, 2009

I knew October would be busy.........

Firstly because organized shop people are ordering Betty Jo goodies nice and early for Christmas. So I'm a bit swamped sourcing stuff, making stuff, and shipping stuff.Secondly, I have been creating more work for myself designing a New range. It's the sister to "Lino Deco" and it's called "Lino Royale". The collection is inspired by the beautiful designs and colours of Victorian style stained glass windows, and each piece is named after a Historical queen.
And thirdly because there's this. And last year I posted every day. I know because I checked.
So prepare yourself for weird and wonderful (and random, where did that thought come from) daily posts.
Lots of pretty pictures too. As you may have guessed I'm having a heap of fun with my coloured collage photos. I have had a request from my lovely FB friend Debbie N. to whip up one in "puce" and also create a beige one full of boring things. So I'm open to suggestions (just in case I run out of colours). Luckily I know the lyrics of "Joseph and his Amazing Technicolour Dream Coat" off by heart and can recite all the 29 colours in the verse. Knowing this has helped me numerous times in my life.


  1. Love the new range. Absolutely gorgeous.

  2. Love the new line...
    And absolutely because they have my favorite names...
    Great colours in these as well...
    So glad to here you are swamped...Swamped is always good...

  3. congratulations on keeping busy for fun AND profit!
    Cheers to both!!

  4. Thanks a bunch...busy is good.
    Really ,really busy is good too, if the magical elves would just swing by every so often!


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