Saturday, October 3, 2009

Puce (Purple really) Stuff

Puce stuff
Right. I admit I was a wee bit confused as to what exactly is the colour puce. So after a little research this is the verdict...."Apparently the word is based on the Old French puce - pulce - meaning 'flea'. It is speculated that it refers to the colour of a squashed flea or the colour of a flea full of blood. Another theory is that the colour name comes from the flea's droppings of digested blood, which spread out in deep red stain when water contacts them. Brownish-purple to dark brown."....CHARMING!
I'll just go with purple, violet, lavender, mauve, or lilac.
P.S. Iris the Babushka is heading off with her lino friends to Sachi on Green in Ulladulla...nice!


  1. Eeeew I think I prefer your take on puce!

  2. Very interesting! I had thought puce was a shade of green...I don't know why, I just did, thank you enlightening the masses!
    Xanna :)


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