Monday, October 19, 2009

Jumping on the Band Wagon.

There seems to be a lot of blog games or memes going around at the moment. Your blog could practically write itself with a meme a day!
When I first started blogging in 2007 I joined Three Button's "Flashback Friday" and "This Is" games and found they gave me an impetus to post at least once a week.
All the other days were usually full of Betty Jo chit chat , lovely crafty stuff by other artists or op shop goodness. Nothing much has changed there!
Here are my favorite pics. from those two memes. I like them because I chose the theme for the week , and they have images of my gorgeous Mum and daughter.

"My Stylish Mum"
"My Best Op Shop finds"
Now I have joined TinnieGirl's Blogtober festivities, and have chosen to post everyday in October (phew, it's tiring).
And I set my own little personal challenge. Posting my Colour Collages at least three days a week.
I have had some help along the way with some "interesting" colour suggestions by Debbie N. on Facebook.
I have another in the pipeline for tomorrow, but right now, because Blogtoberfest is more than half way over, I wanted to get on the GIVEAWAY bandwagon.
I have received quite a few comments here and on flickr mentioning how the Colour Collages would look good as cards. I'm planning to attempt this in the very near future, so I want you guys to choose the colours you would most like to see on the cards.
Look at the Mosaic and leave me a comment telling me your 4 favorite colour collages. You can click on to the flickr page to have a better look if you wish.
Colour Collage
1. Puce (Purple really) stuff, 2. Blue stuff, 3. Turquoise stuff, 4. Green stuff, 5. yellow stuff,
6. Orange stuff, 7. Red stuff, 8. Pink stuff, 9. Tortoiseshell stuff, 10. Beige stuff, 11. Silver stuff, 12. White stuff
The random commenter I pick will get to choose a Betty Jo Brooch or Pendant of their choice, and later on if all goes to plan, a set of cards!
And with Christmas right around the corner, this is a great opportunity to score a gift for yourself or a friend.
At the moment on Flickr, Orange is winning in the popularity stakes, followed by Pink, Green and Red. Which ones do you like best???????
I give you till Sunday 1st November and announce the winner on Monday the 2nd.


  1. OOOooh I love these colour collages - me wants a card set, even if I don't win as a giveaway!
    My faves - together - would be red, green, blue and yellow...

    I'm a bit over the meme bandwagon too... blogtobering and my creative space is enough for this blogger right now.

  2. My faves are green, yellow, orange and red ... which orange my absolutely favourite.

    Love your collages.

  3. Oh gosh, it took me a good 20 minutes of staring but I think: orange, yellow, green and purple.

    Limiting it to four is hard - you really should make 6 or 8! And yes, I too would be up for buying some this Xmas, or anytime!

  4. I love these too ~ I cna't imagine where you find all the bits and pieces. Favourite colours: blue, black, red and of course green.
    They would make fantastic cards, and prints!

  5. My favouriate and my best... mmm...
    I like Blue because Blue Bird is spelt out.
    I like Orange because Orange is spelt out.
    I like Red because Loon is spelt out (I know it's Balloon but I like to think it's Loon).
    There's a pattern there.
    And I like White on Black because it's graphically interesting. And it says Be Nice.


  6. ok. I like
    turquoise for the colour
    silver for the objects
    yellow for the word
    red for the strawberry.

    Great idea for cards!!

  7. Surprise Surprise - I'm going to choose pink, red, orange and yellow!

  8. Tough decision! These are so cool! The four that strike me the most are pink, orange, blue, and turquoise.

  9. I'm very excited to see that you're talking cards. I love the middle row - yellow, orange, red and pink, but they all look truly fabulous. Especially when you see them all together like that.

    By the way, thanks for the package on my doorstep last week. Been meaning to email but I'll just say thanks right here.

  10. Oh I just love them all, but if I had to choose.. yellow is my favourite, then purple, orange and pink. I'm so fascinated my your beautiful collages, I have now begun to look at the whole world in block of colour.
    Sophie x

  11. 1,3,5 and 11. They are all really ace though! The 1st one is my favourite. I think a card with all of them in the mosaic like that would look really cool too. Oooh, I so have my fingers crossed for this giveaway!!

  12. how lovely, please make them into cards or even

    a calendar?!! while I am waiting......purple, turquoise, green and brown would be the colours of choice :-)

  13. omg, sorry, I don't know what happened to that comment, it didn't take me that long to think of something.....ooops!

  14. i've only just jumped on the meme bandwagon, via pip's latest, it should be fun, but i have no idea what meme means and almost too scared to it literal?!! (ie. me-me??!) anyway, colours - red, green, yellow and white. i always love the colour collages and stare at the post a while. thanks!

  15. I love them all but if you threatened me with pain, I'd pick red, pink, puce (purple does sound a tad more attractive, doesn't it? lol) and tortoiseshell as my faves. They are gorgeous!

  16. Blue, green, red silver. Now I'll go see what others have chosen.

  17. They're beautiful Liz!
    order of preference...
    1. white
    2. pink
    3. yellow
    4. purple

    p.s sorry to hear you are a temporary band widow.
    While the cats away... get out your own ukulele for a twang!
    -that's not supposed to sound rude by the way.

  18. Lovely, lovely, lovely!! I just commented something on someone else's blog about colour-themed posts, and then I found your blog - perfect! Gorgeous collages :-)

    My personal favourites would have to be:

    Thanks for the chance to win! :-)

  19. WOW!!!!!!!!! what a wicked giveaway!

    Red is my fav colour and you have dont it justice! it is gorgoues!
    Purple next, then turquoise and beige equally third :)
    i love them ALL though ;)

  20. I like them all! But I love the blue one and red one and the white on black one too.

  21. Green wins! But it's a tough choice and orange and red come a VERY close second!

  22. Hard decision cause they are all lovely but...

    1. Orange stuff
    2. Pink stuff
    3. Green stuff
    4. Blue stuff

  23. I love them all, and stared and pondered for ages! I love the pink, turqouise, tortiseshell and orange.

  24. They all look great but, i think red,white,orange and silver.

  25. Definitely puce, yellow, orange and green - in that order. They're beautiful!

  26. Very tricky decision.

    I'd have to say green first (because it's GREEN!), orange because it's nice and bright, beige because i love all the individual treasures and... um, white because it really pops from the black background and would look excellent as a card. :)

  27. Cards are a great idea and they look fabulous all together like that. My fave would be the purple (or puce if you prefer) followed by the tortoise shell and the orange

  28. I don't mean to sound too daggy, but I really like the beige mix best!

  29. Love them! Puce, tortoiseshell, orange, and green for me please! Mind you - I think they're all terrific.

  30. Hi Liz, I didn't want to be greedy and enter because I won your last giveaway, so exclude me if you wish! I do love the red, of course, but I wanted to say that the white on black looks fabulous as well. Do be sure to make some postcards/cards from these great photos, what a cute series that will be.

  31. they will look excellent as cards, prints too...for the wall. Great collections of color indeed.
    My favourites are:
    Although i do love them all. (:

  32. Red and Green to send as Christmas cards!
    Yellow because it so darn happy, and white on black because it's so darn snappy!
    Snappy would be my fav if I absolutely had to choose. Though green is really beautiful and well.....verdant.
    Perhaps green is my fav........
    no, snappy white on black.
    Yes, snappy white on black.
    OOOhh I hope I win!

  33. Debbie NettleinghamOctober 25, 2009 at 8:33 PM

    Well I have to say the Purple/Puce, you put that colour to great use!!!
    The Green is very pretty, I love the badge with the cute little kitty.
    Choosing Orange sure wasn't hard, especially for that old Monopoly Game card!!
    And Beige because I think that you proved that Beige can be very interesting too!!

    Debbie Nettleingham

  34. They are all awesome, but my favorites are Pink, Orange, Red, and Green.

    iritca AT gmail com

  35. OH great giveaway!
    my pick:

    thank you~

    katevet (at) gmail (dot) com

  36. I like 2. , 3. , and 8. meaning Blue , turquoise , and pink . Thank you !:)

  37. The green one is the best and turquoise/aqua second and that's my limit. I do love you colour collages!!

  38. Liz,orange is my fav

  39. Turquoise, blue, green, silver -- great collages! :)

    Greetings from Munich,

  40. all too good but my favs are
    green, red, yellow, silver

  41. Red


  42. Just love the pink, but it really is hard to choose. I think these mosaic pics could be put to some ever so fabulous use. Love your work as always. Shaz

  43. Pretty !

    I'd say blue, green, red, white.


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