Sunday, June 29, 2008

This is my Best Op-Shop find(s)

Ok, I think I am allowed to cheat a bit. I have had a life time of op shopping ; as a young girl I used to spend time in the Croydon op shop where my grandma was a volunteer, then at high school I lived at the "Lions Den" in Blackburn, with the notorious manager Mary who made up a price on the spot for everything. The amazing thing is that Mary still manages the oppy at it's new home in Forest Hill. That's over 20 years of coming up with prices!
After leaving home, all my houses were furnished, wardrobes enhanced, and art&craft degree inspired by op shopping.
Now with a family, nothing has changed. We have holidays that must incorporate every op shop en route. If I'm stuck for a weekend activity, a quick trip around the inner city op shops, garage sales, school fetes and trash and treasure markets does the trick and every one is happy. My kids scan the side of the road for good stuff while I'm driving, and now I have started a business that relies on op shops, markets and hard rubbish collections to prosper.
So all Hail the OP SHOP!!!I will leave you with a small collection of my latest and/or bestest finds.
Very cool and extremely useful RED planet lamp.
Very cool and extremely useful RED vintage boots.
Very cool and extremely useful not RED (but you cant be fussy with a kerbside find) Panton chair.
Very cool and kitsch Tretchikoff Print.
Very cool and collectible Clarice Cliff Bizarre Ware Sugar Sifters.


  1. Oh wonderful stuff! That chair, sigh, and the print (we had this in my student share house in the late eighties!). You are the best op shopper!

  2. What a fantastic op shoppe history! How lucky were you being so involved in the joys of op shops so very young.

    And what fantastic finds!!

    Thank you for choosing our theme this week.

    Angela xx

  3. Oh wow...who on earth would give away Clarice Cliff???
    I love those red boots...very cool.

  4. Oh wow, I'm impressed! I love those boots and the red theme :)
    Can I take you op shopping with me?

  5. Love your op-shop finds! You clearly have a knack for finding the best items - quite a skill :)

  6. What amazing finds,I would love to go op shopping with you.

  7. amazing. love THAT chair.
    ps - button zine now available..

  8. Wow some great finds!

    I think I may have had an experience with this Mary, and I think I might know why she'd be referred to as 'notorious'... If the Forest Hill op shop you're talking about is the one on the side stree off Canterbury Rd next to Forest Hill Chase?

  9. what a fantastic haul!That lamp is a stunner. Thanks for the fun theme...I think many of us will find it tough showing only one item though:)

  10. Hey Emma... THAT'S the Mary!!!

  11. Op Shopping at its very best. The lamp is my favourite.

  12. They are very cool finds! I love those boots! You're a much better op-shopper than me. Thanks for this week's theme.

  13. And what about the outfit? Op shops are my friend, my house is full of the stuff, but I can't help but notice a few disappearing over the years.

  14. Love that chair. I have that lamp too. I know first the red phone and now the lamp...i guess we just collect red.
    Great topic thanks.

  15. Oh I'd love to have that chair. But all your stuff is great. I thought at first you had a wild, ice cream cone bra. (I need my big screen to see this stuff properly.)

    Thanks for this week's theme.

  16. The chair is beautiful! I love your finds.

    I also collect stuff off the street. My husband and I carried a wardrobe home one night. Good thing I was drunk. LOL!!Sydney is great for street finds. Yeah for council clean-ups!

  17. Your blog is great to look at and a great read also. I laughed when I read about your trechikoff desire. I also am a fan and can you believe I picked up the same print (large with frame) for $2 5 years ago in country SA. It is possibly my proudest find.


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