Saturday, October 24, 2009

Not too late to Vote!

You have one week left to enter the Lino Forest GIVEAWAY! -A Betty Jo Designs brooch or pendant of your choice!
All you have to do is leave a comment (just here is fine) telling me your four favorite colour collages.
At the moment Red is in the lead , followed by Orange, Green, then Yellow. Colour Collage
1. Puce (Purple really) stuff, 2. Blue stuff, 3. Turquoise stuff, 4. Green stuff, 5. yellow stuff,
6. Orange stuff, 7. Red stuff, 8. Pink stuff, 9. Tortoiseshell stuff, 10. Beige stuff, 11. Silver stuff, 12. White stuff
I will leave you with some pics. from four of my favourite flickerites!1. very vintage children's novelty buttons, 2. Curtain Tie-Back Holders, 3. Hello Weekend!, 4. Presco Type Cabinet - Drawer #1 - The Buttons.


  1. I have to say the red is my favourite!
    I just love these collages, amazing work, I already favourited several on your flickr page :)

    Thank you for including my button heart here!

  2. You know I would usually opt for something vibrant but i really like the graphic nature of the white one! So, I'll choose that as my fave although I think it is a bit tricky to choose just ONE!!!

  3. All beautiful, would make a fabulous colour book.
    I love Tortoiseshell, Beige, Pink and Yellow.
    Green is normally my fav. Just wonderful. Oh and the Burgundy is stunning too.

  4. hi i love these collages but the white just jumps out at me! so choose white.
    thank-you for including my very vintage novelty buttons in this post - they are so lovely but dwindling now as they sell - i find it hard to let them go!

  5. Pink, turquoise, red and green. They are all gorgeous though. You are so creative to think of something like that, arranging buttons in color schemes, with such interesting shapes. Love it!

  6. These are all fabulous - I'm such a nerd and love things arranged by colour. I've always been a red girl so that's my number one... followed by turqoise, beige (surprisingly!) and yellow.

  7. Green so if I can't actually have some greenery in the house as they always die, I don't have a green thumb, I can at least make it look like it does


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