Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Red Balloon

I know a gorgeous little boy called Pascal who was named after the character in the "Red Balloon".
This was one of my favorite stories as a child. I saw the film at the local church hall when I was six or seven and was moved even as a little girl. I owned the picture book of the film too. Luckily I found an old copy at the op shop recently, and Charlie and I have been reading it together. Charlie is amazed a little boy his age is allowed to catch the tram to school by himself.
If you don't remember the film you can watch it here .
I'm madly making dozens of balloons for Body at the moment. I had a bit of a play around with a red balloon and "The Red Balloon".

I think I know what colour my next assemblage is going to be too!


  1. ha ha ha! I loved the real life photos with your cute little balloons on them!
    So sweet!

  2. Your balloon images are soo cute!!!

    I grew up with that book too but I don't think I've seen the movie. I'll have to get my hands onto a copy I think.

  3. Oh I love The Red Balloon! My in laws have that picture book and we recently all watched the film together - my elder daughter who is 5 loved it!

  4. Love the colour...
    the pictures look amazing...
    I have never seen the movie
    or the book...
    But it looks really interesting...
    Am going to take a look...

  5. never seen the film but looks like one i might have to get out! ... love those old photos

  6. Your brooches look great on those pages Liz - very clever.
    I hope I find a copy of that book... I remember reading it too.'x

  7. OMG... this is the one movie I remember watching as a child as it left such an impression on me. I found the book many years later and treasure it. I hated those bullies in the story! My kids mock me for being so emotional about it all.

  8. Looks like I shall have to get the film out for the kids (and me!). We have access to the book at the family's holiday house and the girls really enjoy it. The idea that kids in Melbourne these days aren't off anywhere on their own being 'normal' I find really sad and purposely let my kids off around the block on their own, fighting my own tendency to bubble wrap them. It's not quite heart stopping but it's something I have to do to help avoid those other deep-seated problems we're causing in our littlies. Hope I'm doing the right thing...


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